For teachers the best “New Year’s Resolutions” shouldn’t start on January 1st, rather they should start at the beginning of every school-year.   There are many AWESOME things that music educators are doing online that will reinvigorate and re-charge you concerning your day-to-day music occupation and careers… now’s the time to look at committing and taking charge of your own personal and professional development.

I’m challenging you and all of your music colleagues to take just ten minutes of every work-day and  become involved in “our” online personal and professional discussions about music education…  This year -take just ten minutes of every day and:

  • READ something new about music and your field…
  • SHARE something either online with your learning network and/or your working colleagues…
  • COLLABORATE about an idea, class, or project and/or DISCUSS something about our field with others
  • ASK yourself:  “How can I be the best teacher, musician, etc. and make myself even better for tomorrow?”  

GET OUT, GET MOVING, GET EXCITED, GET READY… Today just me the best day of your life…

Take up the challenge and get serious about what you do and re-light or ignite your motivational fire(s).   Remember, it takes a community to build a community… be a builder!

This coming week I will be highlighting a number of online resources on MusTech.Net that will be of interest to you.  The highlighted topics will focus on the exciting things that are happening in Music, Music Education, and Music Technology.  

In the mean-time, check out the #musedchat on Twitter that happens every Monday night (8PM EDT) and consider joining the Music Education Professional Learning Network (MPLN) -both are free.


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