Support Music

I recently was asked to become an affiliate member of the the Support Music Coalition.   I had my first teleconference call last Thursday (I tweeted some of this under the hashtag #SmusC).   The work that the folks at the Coalition are doing (and its affiliate members) is nothing short of astounding.   

One of the things they are trying to do is to get “out” new information and initiatives from around the globe concerning music advocacy and related issues.   There are some great things happening right now that the call brought to my attention.   I will be tweeting relevant information from every call that I attend in an effort to get the new and relevant information out as soon as I “hear it”.   I think that Tweeting it will help to expedite the process in general.   I will also post the highlights in some type of followup on MusTech.Net as I have opportunity.

Interesting Links from this past Support Music Coalition Call:

  • Support Music can be found at’ve written about this site numerous times over the years here on MusTech.Net)
  • Contest for the best teen band in the USA:
  • National PTA Reflections Program (Arts in the schools):
  •  Discussion about the Music Educators Professional Learning Network:
  • Partnership for 21st Century Skills:

In addition, a New Member was welcomed to the coalition, Mike Veny.  Mike is a professional drummer in NYC and has quite a bit of performance credentials.   You can find his site at   He has recently launched a support music campaign with the goal of having 1,000,000 people sign his petition to keep Music Education in the schools in the U.S.A.    He has partnered with the Fender Music Foundation (    I encourage you all to take a look at his site and consider signing the petition – I did.  You can find his petition directly here.

I will now be tweeting some of the information live from each teleconference call with the Support Music Foundation  (the Tweeting process helps me too!).   These conference-call-specific-tweets will include the Twitter Hashtag #SMusC, so you can be sure to find out exactly which of my Tweets are tied to the Support Music Coalition Calls.   Tweeting the highlights of this call is another step in getting relevant information to our Music Education Practitioners faster and one of the primary motivations behind everything I do with Music Education online… so, stay tuned for even more great information from the Music Education Cyber-World coming to you via Twitter and MusTech.Net!


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