Social Media CounterJust a quick post an post and counter embed to show just how proflic Social Media has become in our online-everyday-lives.   Gary Hayes, from has put together an incredible counter (yep, it’s embeddable) to show just how exponential our usage of various Social Media tools in today’s world.   Frankly, it’s staggering.

Gary has included a number of useful and up-to-date statistics on his site.  His counter is based on his research and probably is as accurate a counter of this type as you can find.  In addition, if you embed it -it will change every time that the counting Algorithm is updated on his site.

Here are a number of fact/statistics from his site: 

  • Social/mobile – 2 million iPads sold in first 2 months June 2010 Guardian
  • Social – One new member of LinkedIn every second June 2010 MktCharts
  • mobile – iPad shipments running at 9 million global shipments in the first 12 months. May 2010 Morgan Stanley
  • 1.4 billion music tracks sold on iTunes between Sep 09 & Feb 10 Wikipedia iTunes tracking
  • 300 000 new twitter users per day Apr 2010 TechRadar
  • 247 billions emails per day and 18% growth in internet users (of 1.75bn) Jan 2010 Royal Pingdom ‘Internet 2009 in Numbers’
  • 280 mill iPhone apps per month Jan 2010 GigaOm
  • 3.5 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each week and 2.5 billion photo uploads to Facebook per month Feb 2010 eConsultancy
  • Facebook 635mill in ad revenue & $75 mill in gifts Mar 2010 InsideFacebook
  • Facebook 25 million new members each month Feb 2010 Mashable
  • 50 million Tweets per day Feb 2010 eConsultancy
  • YouTube 1Billion watched per day Dec 2009 SMH

You can see just how exponential this is by looking at the change in numbers of the embedded counter since you’ve been reading this post! 

Below is the social media counter (Try changing to Mobile and/or Games by clicking the related link):



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