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Monday’s Music Quote: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~Music is the universal language of mankind.”

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So…sit back, grab your favorite coffee or morning beverage and “TAKE FIVE” with the Monday Morning Music Mix…

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If you live under a rock that DOES NOT allow you access to Web 2.0 goodness and Music Education news online, then…just-maybe, you’ve missed the biggest thing to hit the world of Professional Development since, well… ever!  The Music Educators Professional Learning Network was launched on July 19th of this year.   In only it’s third week -it is “knocking” on the door of six-hundred registered Music Educators.   I am proud to have founded the and can’t wait to see how it is utilized once the school year starts!   The official Press Release may be found HERE.

METOS 2010 Online Conference – Not to sound like like a broken recording, but If you live under a rock that DOES NOT allow you access to Web 2.0 goodness and Music Education online … :) The Music Education and Technology Online Summit (METOS) is going to be HUGE.  The first of it’s kind, METOS is going to be an online, FREE, webinar/conference for Music Educators.    This will be held on Monday, October 11th and will be featuring a Who’s Who of presenters including: Dr. Jim Frankel, Dr. Tom Rudolph, Andrew Surmani, Jamie Knight, Robin Hodson, Barbara Freedman, Michael Fein, Scott Philips, Dr. Dammers, Dr. Williams, Sandi Macleod, and myself!  Sign up-today to secure your “spot”.

Give your (Muse)Scores a Social life – A great article by Katie Wardrobe about using (a free notation editor) and their new online score repository:  “In keeping with current web2.0 trends for sharing and collaboration, the hard-working people behind free, open-source notation program MuseScore have been working on a new website which allows you to upload and share your MuseScore creations with the world…”

New Advocacy Article supports music and Success in Society:  MENC/NAME puts out a great article full of advocacy tips for supporting Music Education- “Perhaps the basic reason every child must have an education in music is that music is a part of the fabric of our society. The intrinsic value of music for each individual is widely recognized in the many cultures that make up American life —indeed, every human culture uses music to carry forward its ideas and ideals. The importance of music in our economy is massive. And the value of music in…”

What it Takes to Motivate: “Stickers, games, prizes, music money, or competitions…is that what it takes to lure students to stick with an instrument? Is the magic triangular support of student, teacher and parent a promise of guaranteed success?   Dr. Randall Faber states that teaching an instrument is completely dependent upon students’ level of engagement at weekly lessons. As teachers, we must be involved more in the learning that is going on rather than the teaching. Monitoring students’ emotional engagement is the key to making the unfamiliar familiar, and the biggest motivating factor…”


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