soundtreewebtrainingDr. Jim Frankel and myself will be presenting a Webinar highlighting the and the power of niche Social Websites like it.   The Webinar will be take place online via Soundtree on Thursday the 2nd at 7PM EDT.  The Webinar is free, but you have to sign up for it.   Please don’t delay in signing up for it as accurate counts need to be made.  The direct link to sign up for the Seminar is here:

The Webinar will be more like a “radio show” than a straight forward lecture as Dr. Frankel and I will be co-discussing the project and related information.   This webinar is a GREAT opportunity for those of you already members of the MPLN to get your colleagues involved with this cutting-edge technology and introduce them to our Music PLN.

In addition to discussion about the MPLN, topics will include a number of other Music-Related PLN related projects and ideas being used on the Internet today.   A downloadable PDF of related information will be available for download during the project as well. 

I hope that many of you will take the time to encourage yourselves and others to sign-up for not only this seminar, but some of the others that SoundTree offers as well (find a list of upcoming Webinars in the sidebar here).  Please e-mail, Tweet, and Buzz this Webinar information to all of your friends and colleagues!   Hope to see you there.


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