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I’m too busy to go to the doctor, and other teacher avoidance-techniques – “…So where are these directors? I generally find that they are “too busy” to try one more thing. This is something that I have heard regularly over my 20 year career. Too busy to run small ensembles, too busy to travel, too busy to switch kids to bassoon, too busy to go to the doctor even though I feel terrible…   “I’m too busy to have successful students” is of course a crazy statement. But our actions demonstrate our beliefs, and most of us work extremely hard doing the same things we’ve always done, hoping for better results…”

A Sample Curriculum For High School Instrumental Ensembles  – “The following curriculum example is a suggestion for Instrumental Concert Band Directors to study for use with their own programs.   There has been a lot of discussion recently on the MusicPLN.org about the inclusion of particular types of music into a wind ensemble/concert band program.   Many times “we”, as ensemble directors, really don’t think about the curricular needs of/for our ensembles nor give long-term thought to the integration of music literature that may fill a particular goal in our music programs.   The curriculum below is just one way to think about these things and how what you are doing as a band director integrates into the bigger educational picture.”

Trying To Get Your Music Published? Try Doing A Reverse Commission – “One of the challenging things about submitting your original concert band, orchestra, or choral music to publishers is that many publishing companies want “live” recordings of your work rather than MIDI files or virtual instruments. If you are just getting started trying to get published and make a name for yourself, and you don’t have a school or community ensemble at your disposal that is proficient enough to make you a decent recording, it can be tough to get it done. As a solution to that dilemma, I created a reverse commission process.”

Big Leap into a Small Room – “As another year is about to start, I am taking a big leap with my ensembles at Mercer into a much smaller room. Our first public performance this year will involve all instrumental students in grades 7-12 performing in a chamber recital in late September.  In past years, I have only involved the Wind Ensemble students at Mercer in the preparation of this music for the chamber recital.  The more I have involved  these students in the study and performance of chamber music, the more improvement that takes place in their executive skills, and in their ability to analyze their work, critique their own and their peer’s performance, and begin to develop some comprehensive musicianship.  Educators are starting to look at their large ensembles differently, with an eye and ear (appropriately) towards how they can continue to make their elective ensemble a viable and interesting offering among the school curriculum.  I do think we should be examining the structure of the big three so that we can make it more relevant in the lives of our students who enroll (VanZandt, 2001).  Let’s be honest – how many instrumentalists have graduated from our programs and decided on a long weekend they were going to invite 37 good friends over just so they could play First Suite by Holst? …”

Cool Tech I Used This Summer– Carol Broos writes a great post about technology that she used this summer. It’s a great post with lots of interesting tech. thoughts.

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