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Did You Know That You Are Already An Expert? – “Every one of us has had experiences that are worth sharing with others. Everyone has tips and tricks that they’ve “learned the hard way” through raw experience, and everyone can teach those tips to others. There is not a mother in the world who doesn’t have a story of what it was like for them through their pregnancy and their first year of being a mother. There is not one single military man or woman who does not have a host of experiences that they could share. And certainly, there is not one single teacher out there who, despite how little time they may have been on the job, does not have experiences to relate that could potentially be helpful to other teachers…”

Bandworks Publications – A new Instrumental Music Publisher featuring Patrick J. Burns.  Check out Travis J. Weller’s blurb about it…

BoomWhacker Mysteries in First Grade – “…My first graders LOOOOOOVE the BoomWhackers and they behave well with them because they don’t want to lose their turn to play. I focus on mastering basic rhythms in first grade. So BoomWhackers work nicely and I get a little iconic note reading worked on as well. What is a BoomWhacker Mystery? Well, it’s a bit of Name That Tune and ear training with a little story telling worked in….”

Whole Class Composing With GarageBand – “…So began the experiment to see if we could construct a performance just from the materials given to us by GarageBand which was musical and which allowed every performer to participate fully in the experience as they are able – press play, sit back and listen was not an option. I started again by constructing two scenarios one of which is here and the second of which will be in my next post.  Firstly I imagined a classroom with only one mac – seriously back to basics. Assuming that in this case getting round 30 students with one computer is a logistical impossibility could we have them perform at once and use the software to enhance the experience…”

What it Takes to Motivate – “Stickers, games, prizes, music money, or competitions…is that what it takes to lure students to stick with an instrument? Is the magic triangular support of student, teacher and parent a promise of guaranteed success?   Dr. Randall Faber states that teaching an instrument is completely dependent upon students’ level of engagement at weekly lessons. As teachers, we must be involved more in the learning that is going on rather than the teaching. Monitoring students’ emotional engagement is the key to making the unfamiliar familiar, and the biggest motivating factor…”

How 21st Century Online Collaborative Tools, Networks, and Skills are Re-invigorating the Field of Music Education – This is an article that I wrote for iSchoolBand.com and is quite extensive:  “Many Music Educators are finding a new found energy for their field and a resurgence of energy for their own creativity by tapping into the wealth of Professional Development tools that are being utilized online and new colleagues to share ideas with via the Internet.    Music teachers, by their very nature, are creative people; however many of them are now viewing themselves as trapped within the “four walls” of their schools and “starving” for outside contact.  They are increasingly feeling the pressure of the changing school priorities and the educational environment.   These types of high-pressure situations and scenarios often, and unfortunately, lead to a premature draining of energies and creative drive for many of the music teachers…”


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