Danny-iSchoolBand MascotWell if you haven’t seen iSchoolBand and are an ensemble director, you might just be missing the “easy” button with regard to the administration of your group(s).  iSchoolBand is the only platform of its kind to offer a complete music administration team “in a box”. 

iSchoolBand not only offers Inventory Management, Event management, and Fundraising tools, it offers a complete Web 2.0 communications and public relations network for your students in a completely, private and secure environment.  The iSchoolBand platform is truly spectacular and rich with all of the new technology that your kids are already familiar with and using.  

As an incentive this year, iSchoolBand is sponsoring a “back to school program/contests” for both students and directors using the iSchoolBand program.   If you haven’t checked this program out, you can experience a full/live demo by visiting their site and clicking the “demo” button.  You can also check out the full demo video of their software here:


I’ve posted about this software numerous times over the last couple of years and stand behind what the iSchoolBand team is doing.  This platform is truly easy-to-use,  how-it-is-supposed-to-work, get-it-done software.    I use this software myself.  

In addition to being very inexpensive for this type of product (only $199.00 per year -No Contracts),  iSchoolBand also offers a number of programs to help offset the costs.  These programs include a Goodwill program where they will seek a donor for your schools that are “under-funded” as well as a Referral program.   You may also try this program, for a limited time, risk free.

If you are not sure about this product, check out their FAQ section, read some of their testimonials and/or test-drive their product yourselves.   Their latest software update was spectacular and you will not be disappointed. 

iSchoolBand is very connected into the Web 2.0 world and they are constantly having dialogs with music educators through the medium(s).  Here are a number of ways to interact with the iSchoolBand Community:

iSchoolBand recently launched a snail-mail campaign and sent thousands of postcards about iSchoolBand to Ensemble Directors across the United States.  If you didn’t get one of the postcards or just “passed” because you thought this company was to good to be true… here is your chance to see them (or this time -really read them!):

Front of the recent iSchoolBand mailer (click to enlarge):

iSchoolBand Front Flyer

Back of the recent iSchoolBand mailer  (click to enlarge):

iSchoolBand Flyer Back

Don’t miss the chance to simplify your ensemble director “non-music” duties with this program -it will change your life and quite possibly -with the time you’ll save using it -get some of it back! 


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