It’s official -the site launches today!   It has been a long road getting ready and I am very excited that this day has arrived.   If you’ve missed the tremendous excitement and anticipation about this site and consider yourself a”connected music educator”, then you must have  been on an extended sabbatical or something!  

The official Press Release may be found by clicking here, feel free to Re-Tweet, Re-Buzz, and Re-publish it in anyway. 

I would like to take the time thank each and every member of the MPLN launch team for their support, ideas, and testing of the site these past months.  Your help and expertise has been greatly appreciated! (You can see detailed information about them here)

  • Dr. James Frankel
  • Amy Burns
  • Doug Butchy
  • Justine Dolorfino
  • Barbara Freedman
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Jason Heath
  • Marcia Neel
  • Katie Wardrobe
  • Andy Zweibel

…and, I would like to thank all of the members of the BETA team for helping test the site out (and finding even more bugs!).   You have all done “Yeoman’s work!”.

Please join us today for the Launch today… you might just find yourself at the very “start” of something “big!”


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