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  • RT @awillis2: TI:ME has posted grant info for music, jazz, composition, and online teaching: http://bit.ly/aHsot7 #musedchat #mpln #
  • Great Slide Show "Robo Cop Ran Dos". Screen Tech. in Famous Movies(iterminator 84' shows boot up from 5.25 floppy!) http://bit.ly/9q1AIa #
  • RE: Early Friday Invites for the MusicPLN.org for Music Educators…Your email will be sent EARLY on this coming Friday! Thanks! #musedchat #
  • Twitter Music Educators: If you didn't get an EARLY Twitter Invite today.. don't worry the MUSICPLN.org goes Public on Monday! #musedchat #
  • And the Last Early Twitter Invite goes to @abodaq !!! Thank you all! (I feel like an auctioneer!) :) #musedchat #
  • 4 Free passes left to the early Friday invite @ http://musicpln.org-If interested for a invite please tweet me #musicedchat #musiced #edchat #
  • Ok 5 Free passes left to the early public invite for Music Educators to the Music PLN..Tweet Me if you want one. #musedchat #
  • 5 in 5 minutes! 7 left… Music Educator Twitter folks Early Pass to the MPLN on this Friday! Tweet Me if interested. #edchat #musedchat #
  • I will be giving out a dozen early passes to the MusicPLN via Twitter on Fri. of this week! Interested please Tweet me! #musedchat #musiced #
  • RT @Zweibz7: @justine_robin Seriously, I was just going to post that same thought!!! :) #
  • RT @randy1043: Line 6 digital wireless technologies ensures zero audio degradation. http://dld.bz/g8xa #
  • RT @Zweibz7: New poll: What would you like to discuss on this week's #MusEdChat (7/19/10): http://twtpoll.com/meub3j #
  • RT @keithmason: Music Tech for ME podcast will be back! Stay tuned for details in the very near future! #
  • RT @justine_robin: RT @bmuench: $1.99 for 99 classical tunes on amazon today http://amzn.to/cWwUhL #musedchat #mpln – awesome! #
  • Stay tuned for a ground breaking announcement at MusicTechForMe.com and @keithmason in the upcoming week! #
  • The Music Education River Project (MERP) up to 150 sites, checkt it out at http://mustech.net in the sidebar. Pls Join if you write MusEd #
  • RT @LindsayMorelli: I'm really interested in Ss leadership-TY for great input! Will have a reflection on Talk Music Forum soon! #musedchat #
  • RT @Zweibz7: @DoremiGirl thanks, and thanks for joining us! Your presence is always noticed and enjoyed :) #MusEdChat #musedchat #
  • Thanks to all! @zweibz7 will have the chat transcript up at http://musicedmajor.net Check out the ones you've missed! #musedchat #
  • Thanks you all for the great Chat today! Don't forget to add these folks to your Twitter list of Following/followers! #musedchat #
  • Also remember if you have Ss leadership, the goal is not to have a "click" of elites, but a "cadre" of servants of the group. #musedchat #
  • Only ten minutes left for the official #musedchat time! #
  • Ss leadership should never be put in the situation where CLEARLY the teacher should handle. #musedchat #
  • You cannot put Ss into leadership roles without discussing epectations and continually guiding them…we have a stake as well. #musedchat #
  • RT @jimfrankel: I believe students can really shine in a leadership role, but the teacher has to create the right environment #musedchat #
  • Is @rdammers on? I missed it! #musedchat #
  • An article, by me, about leadership roles of DM: http://bit.ly/aoy09c #musedchat #
  • You can, many times, assess leadership effectiveness by judging enthusiasim, excitment, as well as goal obtainment. #musedchat #
  • How do you foster leadership in your classes and among your students? #musedchat #
  • Question: What do you all do to encourage leadership among your Students and Colleagues? #musedchat #
  • Just because you are a teacher, doesn't mean you are a leader or inspirational… we need to look at ourselves too. #musedchat #
  • Classroom leadership is a KEY to how can we get students to WANT to learn the materials though leadership and inspiration… #musedchat #
  • RT @ohiostmusicman: If auditions are demoralizing, then maybe we are framing it wrong to the students #musedchat #
  • We cannot simply strive for a majority of adequacy … leaders must know what better is and motivate people to break the mold. #musedchat #
  • Sometimes the best players ARE NOT the best leaders in a group. #musedchat #
  • Being Excellent at something nessitates the need for perspective, patience, and discipline… leadership roles all the same #musedchat #
  • RT @rlinv: My students that quit when not picked as leaders were students that wanted to be able to "boss" not "lead". #musedchat #
  • again depends on the situation and the area and the community… #musedchat #
  • Leaders also must be shown what it is to be a leader… which in my book the heart of a servant is key #musedchat #
  • Everyone cannot have a leadership role all the time, but they all should have equal opportunity to try for those roles. #musedchat #
  • RT @cybraryman1: How do you fairly choose student leaders without causing problems? #musedchat #
  • Leaders are born… but ALSO, as is true in education, Molded. #musedchat #
  • RT @MrSteigerwalt: @Zweibz7 Well first off it is certainly an extrinsic-motivator #MusEdChat #musedchat #
  • Students gain an increcible amount of on-site, task oriented training being leaders. Hard to get by books… #musedchat #
  • The next hours tweets will be part of #musedchat ~Join us! :) #
  • Got a couple of questions about joining the #musedchat Check my 411 about how to participate here: http://bit.ly/aCtMw8 #
  • New Music Twitter folks:Create an Instant PLN on Twitter with my Music Educators 2 follow list: http://bit.ly/1zvJa1 #musiced #ff #musedchat #
  • Here is a 1.5 TerraByte Drive for 79.99 U.S… Geez these things are getting cheap… http://bit.ly/9cMVKg #
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Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is an industry innovator, education clinician and lecturer, trumpeter and conductor, and the creator of many education websites. He is currently the Vice President of Innovation and Engagement at Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc. After twenty-three years as a professor and administrator at Grove City College, he made the move into industry in 2018.  As one of the youngest full professors in Grove City’s history, he served in various roles over his tenure including the Technical Director of the Pew Fine Arts Center, Assistant and Associate Chairs of Music and Music and Fine Arts, Director of Music and Fine Arts Technology, Director of Jazz Studies, Stage Manager, and he finished his tenure as the Director of Bands where he directed the college’s Symphonic Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Bands, and various small ensembles.

He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award, the PA Citation of Excellence, and named a “member for life” of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators, an associate member of the American Bandmasters Association,  a past President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association, and a member of various education and music honoraries. He has written for numerous publications including DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and was the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine for eight years; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. He is an active conductor, trumpeter, clinician, and educator. Find out more at his website jpisano.com.

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