Wow, my head is spinning with trying to get all of this together and be just “perfect”… but as musician’s we know “perfect” is the enemy of “excellence”…  Things are coming along very well and if you haven’t see it lately you can get a peek of the PLN via Flickr images right here(Thanks to Andy Zweibel for putting it together).

The Launch Team (<—see them all here) is doing an amazing job working through all of the “tasks” and helping find “bugs”… So far we’ve only downed the site once! (Whew, knock on wood… quick! Yes, it was backed-up!).  Currently, the BETA team is scheduled to LAUNCH on June 25th, pending any serious disastrous… If all goes well, the PLN will Launch Publicly on July 9th.

An email will be going out to all of you very soon (actually, within the hour).  Please respond to the e-mail that you’ve received the confirmation ASAP.  I will send another e-mail out early next week to those that I have not heard back from.  Sure, you can tell people you got a BETA, Tweet-it, Buzz-it, FaceBook it, tell the world…

Get exited, get VERY excited!

P.S. if you are reading this within seconds of me posting this… you won’t have an e-mail… yet! :)


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