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  • Goodnight All! #
  • Great telephone conversation with @tomwhitby about PLNs —We really do need to record and podcast these! conversations! :) #
  • Just installed a new FILE-BASED Cache System on Buddypress at musicpln.org… Seems to be working…checking outside Tweet from inside to… #
  • RT @MENC: Earn grad credit by attending a Music Ed Week academy: Choral, Instrumental, Gen Mus K-12 Tech & more http://bit.ly/dq3T95 #
  • Lots of stuff to do today, I'll be working on the MusicPLN after noon (EDT). I #
  • It's Out of the Bag the MusicPLN goes Alpha: Find out about it here: http://bit.ly/cbpxgS #fb #
  • RT @MusicEdTech: @shawdave Come on Dave! Come to TI:ME this year! Com'on Dave I'll be there too! #
  • TI:ME/OMEA 2011 Call for Proposals: LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION: June 7, 2010 http://www.ti-me.org/2011ProposalForm_instructions.html #
  • I'm getting real-time search results at TweetGrid http://tweetgrid.com/ #edchat #
  • RT @DoremiGirl: RT @MrsBMG: RT @jackiegerstein: Ten Things You Need (But Don't Want) To Know About the BP Oil Spill http://bit.ly/aZqU5a #
  • Rained all day yesterday… Guess I can't do all that "yard work" this morning! #
  • I'm working on an issue with my website and twitter integration… This is a test… Only a test! :) #
  • Out most of the day today… Will bet getting back into the groove tomorrow! #
  • Out most of the day today… Will bet getting back into the grove tomorrow! #
  • Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and celebrated our freedoms and the "why" (U.S.)!!! #
  • U.S.: Don't forget to remember those who died for our country tomorrow and thank a veteran! http://bit.ly/aqW7ll #
  • RT @BizMusician: Today's Blog Post: NAMM descends on Washington to champion #MusicEd http://ow.ly/1RPii #MusEdChat #
  • TweetDeck TIP: You can follow entire conversations between ppl by clicking the "in reply to" words at the bottom of tweet. #
  • RT @MusicEdConsult: Use: Share these (http://tinyurl.com/243spz8) & other stories with ur admin. GREAT advocacy messages do not go wasted. #
  • New Facebook Attack Be-wary! "hilarious video" #fb http://bit.ly/blt2Ag #
  • RT @richardmccready: Eureka! I now have Pro Tools running with the Mix Window and Transport on my iPad, http://twitpic.com/1s80sq |Nice! #
  • Busy day today… Mostly Outside work…. Parades on Memorial day! #
  • RT @theresawhite:we will have a ton of music jobs in MI now that our retirement bill passed. 3 music teachers in my district alone!! #
  • #FF My Big list of Music Educators to follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1zvJa1 #followfriday #
  • What you Talikn' Bout'! Gary Coleman Dies at 42: http://bit.ly/cGDZUp Hat-tip: @clb1015 #
  • #WF @musicedtech because she is an expert on Music Technology in the Classroom! Giver her a follow 2day! #
  • Please help my welcome Mandy Schlegel to the Music Education Twitterverse! @mandischlegel Help her expand her PLN on Twitter! #
  • I successfully got a version of Google CloudCourse up after picking @dgoerlich 's brain on install trouble… It's interesting…. #
  • Reading: #MusEdChat Update (http://bit.ly/dD9jON) Testing for @Zweibz7 #
  • RT @Zweibz7: Just updated the #MusEdChat landing page with links to posts by @justine_robin and @evarela! Check it out: http://bit.ly/cVuNt0 #
  • Looking to get started on Twitter as a musician but don't know who to follow? Check my Instant Twitter PLN: http://bit.ly/1zvJa1 #
  • RT @awillis2: Our school is looking for a piano teacher, a voice teacher, and a violin teacher. We are located in the Central Jersey area. #
  • There is a direct link to My Upcoming Webinar on Music Education Twitter and PLNs here at MusTech.Net: http://bit.ly/bMIg3M #musedchat #
  • Looking for Educational Teachers k-12/University Profs. Active with Twitter in the greater Pittsburgh Area for local PLN: PLS RT #
  • RT @SmartMusic: #musedchat Free Webinar @SoundTree TONIGHT 5/27 7-8PM EST Finale 2010 Tips and Tricks for Music Educators http://ht.ly/1JImH #
  • Note: NO #MUSEDCHAT This Mon.: To Resume on June 7th. Pre-Webinar at 7PM EDT prior to Chat: Sign up now: http://bit.ly/deBkRX #
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