Dr. Pisano’s Weekly Tweets posted

  • Here is a new and amazing twitter app called twylah, check out what it can do here: http://bit.ly/bGRKMw #edchat #musedchat #twitterapp #
  • TweepML Stats for the Music Education Twitter List: over 1,000 follows have been generated by this list: http://bit.ly/cfMuKC #musiced #
  • Dear computer… I am a google times smarter than you-SUBMIT TO MY WILL! Do what I think, not what I actually code. #readmymindmakeitso #
  • Check out @scott_watson 's new elementray instrumental wiki: http://bit.ly/dhcM4i #
  • Ok, off to work on some city council business -working on getting a bridge rededicated for Veterans killed during service. #theleastwecando #
  • Wow, I have something so cool to show the #musiced folks with MusicEdNews.com & RSS integration via ipad-just don't know when I'll have time #
  • Newbie Mus. Educators on TW, Ramp up your interaction by subscribing to all of these AWESEOME Mus. Tweeps: http://bit.ly/asXxHk #musiced #ff #
  • We've added more Feeds! (To MusicEdNews that is). Check out the brief update here… http://bit.ly/bTOekE #musiced #musedchat #
  • So I have about 70 unread facebook messages-good grief-Ok, one at a time. if you sent me one in the last 3 weeks sorry! Try twitter! :) #
  • The Story behind American Visions: TJ Weller: http://bit.ly/9t31dT Great piece of band literature… #
  • WordPress 3.0 is now available, aptly name Thelonious. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/a9szt5 #
  • I've updated the Music Education Twitter list on MusTech.net -Including "ones to watch" Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1zvJa1 #
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