The Music PLN.ORG!

Well, I’m excited to say that we are NO LONGER accepting anymore BETA INVITE REQUESTS for the BETA stage of  the site.  Truthfully, responses came in so fast we met our limit a few days ago… I just haven’t been able to get a post up with all the work I’ve been doing at the site!   I am excited to report that our ALPHA-state workings with the Launch Team members are going very well.  I believe we are on track for our new BETA start-up date of Friday, June 25th.

The BETA launch date has been moved back from the 23rd to the 25th.  In addition, the GO LIVE date has been moved back, slighlty, from July 5th to Friday, July 9th.  Both of these moves were made so that the launch dates of each would be set on a Friday, rather than during the week days.

If you’ve requested a BETA invite you won’t have to wait long to find out if you were selected.  Unfortunately, we could not take all of those that requested an invite.  An email will go out to you with more information if you were selected for a BETA invite in the next 2-3 days.   Once all of the BETA selection notifications are sent out, I’ll post an update on MusTech.Net so that everyone knows.

The site is coming along and we are getting very excited about bringing in more folks to the BETA launch to help us “hammer out” the site even more.  Here is a list of the related posts form MusTech.Net and mention from Dr. Jim Frankel:

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