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  • Expect the first iPad music education application review this week on MusTech.Net.  Due to the output issues with the iPad (E.G. There is no good way to do screencasts) the first review was postponed a couple of weeks.

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The Other 80%: An Industry Perspective:  “A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled “Never has technology been more important to music education“. The post received the most comments of any post in the history of this blog. Most of the comments were very positive, only one was downright nasty. Recently though a comment was posted by a friend of mine named Joe Carroll. Joe is the founder of the Manhattan Producers Alliance, and has an impressive career in the music business. His comments speak to the importance of making music education more accessible to the other 80% of students that are not involved in our performance programs in K-12 schools. No doubt, some will take umbrage with his stance on the role of music education – and the particular perspective on instrumental music programs, but I feel that posting his comments will hopefully spur a dialogue about broadening our collective vision of the role of music education in our 21st century schools. I sincerely believe that music technology is a tool to help you enhance your existing music program and to help you expand the creative opportunities for your students. Joe’s comments below speak to that expansion, and I believe that his perspective is timely and important.”

2010 Music Education Week in D.C.:   June 24-29th.  Find out More by visiting MENC’s Site.

Mix Tape Amnest Declared in Ireland:  “Home taping has long been a serious issue in Ireland, and has severely hampered the ability of major label artists to fully exploit their income streams. For a limited time only, under a new amnesty scheme, illegal mix cassettes can be returned to designated recycling points throughout Ireland, without risk of prosecution…”

Sibelius Tutorial: Drum Parts From Scratch:  Katie Wardrobe has been putting out a number of great tutorials on her site: MusicTechTips, which, incidentally, was recently added to MusicEdNews.Com.   Her latest post is a great drum tutorial for Sibelius.  Bookmark her site today and check out some of her other great posts as well!

The Importance of Music in Schools:  “When we hear about music and other art programs in our school curriculum, most of us are guilty of putting it aside. For example, the focus is then put on the basic or standard studies in schools such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Little do a lot of us know that the importance of including music in that list is as crucial as the others. Programs are being cut from school budgets at an alarming rate to save money, i.e. physical education, art and music classes. There is already a whole generation of teachers and parents who haven’t had the advantages of arts in their own education. Many teachers don’t know how to include any kind of art in their teaching these days and parents don’t know how to ask for it.”


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This week’s #MusEdChat Topic:“How/why should high schools add a Music Technology program to the typical band/choir/orch offerings of the 20th century?”

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