FREE Music Education WebinarOn June 7th at 7PM EDT/ 11PM GMT, I hope you will join me for a free Webinar discussing the importance of the emerging concepts of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) as they relate to educators, specifically Music Educators.

Remaining relevant as an educator in the 21st century is a concept of much debate at this time, especially with regard to the emergent web 2.0/3.0 technologies that are chipping away at the “brick & mortar” foundations of our traditional institutions of learning.  Please join me as I discuss this and related topics at my upcoming and FREE webinar.

The SHORT Webinar Description:
A brief discussion on how Music Educators are finally starting to grab the concept of Digital Mentorship and Online Collaboration.   This session will also focus on the impact of the Twitter Music Education Chats being held every Monday Night and how you can participate.

I very pleased to announce that SoundTree will be hosting and sponsoring this important online music education webinar.  While this seminar is open to everyone, you must still register for this event.   Please sign up early so that you can be assured a spot in the webinar.  Please note that you MUST sign up at least 24 hours in advance of the Webinar to have the best chance of being assured a spot/slot.  Here is the direct link to the webinarsign up page -you may start singing up immediately:

This event will be the perfect primer to invite your music colleagues to so that they can begin to learn about these relatively “new-born” concepts.  I will be discussing in some detail the history of “how we got to this point” in digital mentorship/collaboration and my thoughts on how the concept of PLNs will CHANGE the face of how we do things as Music Educators over the next five years.   In addition, I will be talking about current happenings and up-coming happenings in the world of our fledgling Music PLN(s).

Finally, there will be a brief primer of the #musedchaton Twitter that will follow directly at the close of the seminar.  This is the PERFECT time to get exposure to the power AND potential power of a PLN in a virtual environment with world-wide exposure.

Get ready and fasten your seat-belts, this seminar may prove to be “mind-blowing” for those of you still stuck in the technologies of the early 2000’s (Say…pre-2006).  In addition, this is a great opportunity to build your own PLN or Global Learning Network (GLN) almost instantly with the tools and information that I will provide.   In my humble opinion, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!  Please join me and participate in our on-going discussion about music, education, and technology!

About the SoundTree Webinar Program:

Soundtree is not only a pioneer in Music Technology, but a tremendous innovator of Music Educational Value through Technology.  This year, SoundTree has started and is maintaining a great service to Musicians and Educators through their FREE “after school webinar” service.  Withit, they are inviting top-name people and top-of-the-field educators to discuss both innovative products and timely educational issues.

Find their complete list of upcoming Webinar’s here:

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