As we move to the end of the school year some of the monthly/weekly features on will be moving to a less frequent schedule over the summer months.  This will mainly effect the Monday Morning Mix and the Monthly Music Education Blog Carnival. 

The Monday Morning Mix will be posted on:

June 7th
July 5th
August 2nd
August 23rd -Resumes to a Weekly Post

The Music Education Blog Carnival will be resume on:

August- Requests for Submissions:
September- 1st -Hosted at (open for host submissions)
October-1st -Hosted at

Any submissions in the interim will be considered for the September Carnival.

I am working on a number of new initiatives over the summer with regard to a educational learning networks and music.  It is my hope to have a couple of major announcements over the summer months in this regard.  Please stay tuned to MusTech.Net for more information (follow our rss feed:

I also just re-vamped my personal “holding” site on the Internet.  Please take a look at and let me know what you think of my new WordPress Resume themed site.    I welcome your feedback.

Finally, I intend to continue moderating a number of the #musedchats chats over the summer.  I would like to encourage all of you to invite one new member to the #musedchat today and for each of the Monday Night chats.   Tonight’s topic (5/10/2010) is:  “What can we do to advocate Music Education specifically to school administrators?”

To learn more about the #musedchat please visit this link:

Teachers and Students: Best Wishes for a highly constructive, yet relaxing, summer!

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