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  • RT @jimfrankel: Jazz Concert Ticket Give-Away Contests from Chick Corea- Jazz Heaven: http://bit.ly/d1ag96 via @addthis #
  • In case you missed it Google Rolled out New Features 2day. Search for something, then note the new categories on the left. #edchat #
  • MS Spindex, may just be the all-in-one solution that I’ve been looking for for over a year (In part. because of RSS) http://is.gd/bVX2m #
  • Here is the FB Direct LINK to the #musedchat page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=356249597920 I’ll create an easier link later… #
  • Ok, I’m not very happy with the groups.to FB app -it’s kind of spammy.. Scratch that link… #
  • Just added some discussion about a 2nd time (additional) time for #musedchat on FB: http://groups.to/musedchat (New Direct URL) #
  • Just added some discussion about a 2nd time (additional) time for #mused chat on FB: http://groups.to/musedchat (New Direct url) #
  • RT @Zweibz7: Have you submitted your topic suggestion for #musedchat Do it now! http://bit.ly/doCmd4 #
  • RT @girlfromPBO: Don’t forget your child’s art, music, PE and other “extra” teachers on teacher appreciation day!!! #
  • RT @pisanojm: Please Take My Survey: TweetDeck or HootSuite ~5 Questions: http://is.gd/bTFK9 #edchat #musedchat #edbuzz PLEASE RT #
  • Please Take My Survey: TweetDeck or HootSuite ~5 Questions: http://is.gd/bTFK9 #edchat #musedchat #ed buzz PLEASE RT #
  • Just read through the #musedchat archive… some great thought provoking conversation, was glad to say @jaydorf and @willkuhn join the conv. #
  • Pulling down the #musedchat Archive now so @Zweibz7 can post it soon…. Looks like it was a great chat! #
  • Last Post: Should we use technology in the music classroom: Questions to ask first: http://is.gd/bSTyP #musedchat #
  • Sorry guys… I have to run! Wish I could stay tonight! Have fun! #musedchat #
  • Music Technology, in its music creation form, can be a creative means to same ends that BCO/General provides… #musedchat #
  • Using Music Technology is a viable way to meet the 9 standards…it’s all in the application of it… #musedchat #
  • #musedchat #
  • #edchat folks, if you are involved in music -please join us tonight on the MusEdChat.. Starts in less than 5 mins… #musedchat #
  • Music Education Twitter Chat Folks, Please consider inspiring some of your Face Book Friends to Join us 2night! 8 Mins to go! #musedchat #
  • If you are new to the MusEdChat you can read my 411 (quick start) here: http://is.gd/bSSvT #musedchat #
  • Please note from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. EST my chats will be a part of the Music Education Chat… Please Join us! #musedchat #
  • A couple of reminders… Don’t forget if your Tweets are “private” you need to make them public for the chat so we can read them #musedchat #
  • I may only be here for the very beg. of the chat :( #musedchat #
  • Hello MusEdChat Folks! We are not quite done with the Drum Major Auditions, still a number of things to wrap up here… #musedchat #
  • Music, Education, Technology, Students, Educators, Musicians, Sharing, Discussing, Learning: #musedchat 8PM EST -2night! #
  • Music, Education, Technology, Students, Educators, Musicians Sharing, Discussing, Learning: #musedchat 8PM EST -2night! #
  • The Monday Music Mix is up at mustech.net: http://is.gd/bRS4s #edchat #musedchat #musiced #mused #
  • #musedchat topic 2day: How/why should HSs add a Mus-Tech. program to the typical BCO offerings of the 20th century? 8PM-EST #
  • The Monday morning mix will be up shortly after Midnight 2night and @Zweibz7 should have the May Blog Carnival up at Musicedmajor.net too! #
  • Listening to Bill Chase is kind of Nirvana of sorts for High-Note Trumpet Players like me…. #
  • Very Excited for @andrewritenour, His submission for the MENC Copyright Project Contest was Tops! http://is.gd/bQt5J #
  • Jazz Band Concert was awesome, 550-600+ in attendance. Now, I’m geeked… Downloading the Starcraft II BETA! Yes, I loved StarCraft I! #
  • GC Jazz Concert This Afternoon at 1:30 PM… If you’re in the front rows you’re going to want bring an anchor to hold you down! #fb #
  • If you are within 1 hour to GC on Sat., make every effort to see the Award Winning GC Jazz Bands! 1:30 PM at Ketler Auditorium #fb #
  • My Favorites: #ff @DoremiGirl @thomasjwest @MusicEdTech @Zweibz7 @shaugland @brandtschneider @katiesw1 @jimfrankel @MiamiFlute @girlfromPBO #
  • Today’s jazz history class: Miles, Corea, Zawinul, McLaughlin, Shorter, Mintzer, Metheny, Sanborn…. it was awesome! #
  • Your tombstone is going to have a start and end date…What do you want your “dash” in the middle to be remembered for? #
  • Wow, just took a Peak @ this month’s Blog Carnival-it’s gonna be large and big! Still time 2 submit! http://is.gd/bNWtl #musedchat #
  • This week’s #MusEdChat poll is up! http://twtpoll.com/bc9cvt #
  • RT @DoremiGirl: @musictechie Hello to Golden Apple Foundation! Our PLN rocks! #musedchat #musiced #
  • Free: Anvil Studio. Not Free: Sonar/Cubase Expensive…. Mixcraft (not so-expensive) -Most DAW Soft will do midi seq now… #
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Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is an industry innovator, education clinician and lecturer, trumpeter and conductor, and the creator of many education websites. He is currently the Vice President of Innovation and Engagement at Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc. After twenty-three years as a professor and administrator at Grove City College, he made the move into industry in 2018.  As one of the youngest full professors in Grove City’s history, he served in various roles over his tenure including the Technical Director of the Pew Fine Arts Center, Assistant and Associate Chairs of Music and Music and Fine Arts, Director of Music and Fine Arts Technology, Director of Jazz Studies, Stage Manager, and he finished his tenure as the Director of Bands where he directed the college’s Symphonic Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Bands, and various small ensembles.

He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award, the PA Citation of Excellence, and named a “member for life” of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators, an associate member of the American Bandmasters Association,  a past President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association, and a member of various education and music honoraries. He has written for numerous publications including DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and was the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine for eight years; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. He is an active conductor, trumpeter, clinician, and educator. Find out more at his website jpisano.com.

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