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Conducting advice from the maestro: 25 year old Ozawa Documentary:  “Imagine it’s 1985 and you are sitting in a master class with Seijii Ozawa at Tanglewood. You have a front row seat as you watch a young conductor, nervous and unsure, as he tries conducting part of the Second Movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6~   I’m not telling you how to conduct the Beethoven… I don’t teach you how to conduct the Beethoven. What is Beethoven? You [already] know… I am telling you HOW to tell [the] orchestra what you want.  This is what you hear in the first 10 minutes from Maestro Ozawa in an intimate 1985 documentary by David and Albert Maysles simply titled “Ozawa”. As a young conductor, this opening scene gave me hope as I struggled to find my own conducting style

The Best Thing We’ve Done This Spring…:  “Even though I didn’t really feel like I knew what I was doing yet, I decided to launch into something new as soon as I returned from the MTNA conference. We’ve been doing it for several weeks now and it has been close to revolutionary in my studio! I’ve picked up a variety of improvising how-tos over the years because it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but none of them have been as helpful as I hoped they would be. In contrast, the Pattern Play series by Akiko and Forrest Kinney that I was introduced to at the MTNA conference has been everything I hoped it would be and more!”

Technology and Stress: Unplug Yourself:  “The key to managing this particular stress, the kind brought on by our increasing level of connectedness, is quite simple: unplug yourself. Turn off your phone. Power down that laptop. Just spend some uninterrupted time doing something that you love to do. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk, playing with your kids or just napping on the couch, make sure to schedule some time each week for some much needed decompression and relaxation.” Hat-tip: Phil Kirkman

Survey Update:Dr. Dammers gives a brief update concerning his latest research with high school teachers teaching technology-based music classes.

Parents play the most central, yet vulnerable roles in children’s music education By Tatiana Bandurina: “The three basic parties who take part in children’s music education are the child, the teacher (or teachers) and the parents. To best understand how the young musician will regard music lessons, we must ask: “How should parents plan for the musical education of their children and what they know about it?”  As a rule, there are two main things to consider: the choice and cost of the instrument, auxiliary materials and lessons; and the search for a good teacher. After that, the preparation for the child’s musical training is largely complete. However, buying the instrument and paying for lessons are not the most complex part of music education, although many parents think so and believe that the rest is up to the teacher and the child, who is obliged to frequent music lessons on a regular basis and do the homework. In fact, to parents, it all seems very easy! “Did you do your homework today? Have you practiced that piece enough? Have you learned the fingers in an etude? Come on, play the piece you had to memorize!”


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