As many of you know, MusTech.Net is an avid fan of the incredible online software program: Noteflight.   This is an incredible piece of software and fills a large chasm in the area of online, easy-to-use music notation software.  Since its inception, it has consistently improved and still includes a very useful and capable free version of the software.  The new “Crescendo” offering from Noteflight is both affordable and filled with value-added options for the more serious student and musician.

If you haven’t tried this amazing software, get out from “under your rock” -you’ll find Noteflight to be a liberating breath of fresh “air”…

Official NOTEFLIGHT Press Release Follows (April 6, 2010 -Cambridge, MA):


Noteflight Next Generation Music Notation Software Hits Net

Noteflight’s highly anticipated online music notation software, Crescendo, is now available; delivers guitar tablature, enhanced instrument choices, increased control and flexibility.

April 6, 2010, Cambridge, MA — Noteflight, LLC (, a company dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share and use written music, today announced the release of Crescendo, online music notation software for individuals who are committed to making music and want to take their creations to the next level.

Going beyond the free version of Noteflight, Crescendo delivers the advanced score writing and music composition features that professionals, educators, students and music enthusiast’s desire. These features include full support for guitar tablature, orchestral virtual instruments with professional sound quality, score templates, increased storage and advanced sharing permissions that extend the social networking value of Noteflight.

“Crescendo is essentially Noteflight 2.0. It’s ideal for dedicated Noteflight users who want to take advantage of everything we have to offer,” said Joe Berkovitz, President & CEO of Noteflight. “We will continue to support and add features to the free version of Noteflight so that individuals who are new to our concept can easily discover and experience the joy of social music creation.”

In total, Crescendo features a new, full palette of over 40 professional orchestral, jazz and rock instruments. These new instruments include complete woodwind, brass and reed sections as well as guitars, basses, percussion and solo/ensemble strings.

With support for guitar tab music, Crescendo users can create tablature from scratch, import XML tab from guitar tab software, such as Guitar Pro, and convert MIDI files to tablature. The resulting tab files can be viewed in two different formats (rhythmically or in basic tab format), as well as edited and shared with other Crescendo customers. Users can also listen to guitar tab in their choice of new bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar sounds.

Score writing has also been expanded and simplified. Individuals can now use over 35 stock templates to create and store hundreds of scores, choosing from different ensemble types, including a String Quartet. In addition, like the best social music networks and social networking sites today, Crescendo gives users complete control over which community members can view, edit and comment on their scores and songs.

Crescendo is available immediately. Individuals can gain access by subscribing or upgrading their existing free account for $49 per year. For more information or to purchase, visit


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