Press Release -NEW YORK-April 16, 2010

SoundTree is proud to announce the release of our Product Guide 2010 – filled with a wide variety of technology products that will enhance every music curriculum.  It has been nearly 5 years since our last product guide, and as you know, so much has changed since then.

For your convenience, we have created an online version of the Product Guide, located at Here you can view the catalog using our online PDF viewer, or download the PDF version for printing. If you would prefer to receive a paper edition of the catalog, please email us,, with your preferred mailing address or call 1 (800) 963-8733, and we’ll send one out to you.

To celebrate the release of the Product Guide, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on every order from the Product Guide received before May 15, 2010. Simply write the code “STREE SHIPPING” on your purchase order to take advantage of this incredible savings.

Click on the Object Below to check out the Cool Web 2.0/full-screen Features:

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