Call for iPad Music Application Developers:

MusTech.Net, one of the most visited Music, Education, and Technology sites on the Web, will start reviewing Music-related iPad applications on Tuesday, April 20th 2010.  Both free and commercial Applications will be featured, reviewed, and posted every Tuesday and Thursday for the next two to three months here at

MusTech.Net receives hundreds of page views EACH day, and hundreds of more RSS pulls -well over 1500 per day combined.  This site contains the EXACT audience that you want to expose your product to.    iPad products are currently of particular interest to many musicians, music educators, and curriculum administrators at this time and therefor a prime topic of discussion here at MusTech.Net.  We are particularly interested in applications that could be applicable for Music Education k-12 and college programs.

In order to submit your iPad application for review, please send a brief description of your product, a link to the full-version (no demos please), and/or product code to through our contact page.   Each selected application for review, will include a picture of the app, brief description, link to the iTunes store site of the App and Publisher, as well as MusTech.Net’s review of the product.

To submit your Music iPad Application for review please use this contact page and choose the correct Subject Heading, IPAD APP SUBMISSION.   We look forward to reviewing your product.

Direct Link to MusTech.Net’s Contact Form:

Current Page for the iPad Music Applications Review (Directly off of front page):

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