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The 2010 March Music Education
Blog Carnival: 


Music Technology:

Cary Stewart presents Industrial Counter-Revolution posted at Third Stream Music Education.

Great post by Cary Stewart about the current implementation of technology in the classroom and how people still perceive, advertise, and even think about it. “Music and movement are to the software of the mind what oxygen and glucose are to the hardware of the brain. Onward, pioneers”

Brian Wis presents 25 Things About Music Teaching and Education posted at Teaching Music in the 21st Century.

Brian Wis presents a well-thought (and lengthy) about his thoughts on Teaching and music education.  Teachers, new and old, will glean something out of this fantastic post.

Doug Butchy presents Fostering Musicality and Creativity in Rehearsal posted at Confessions of a Band Director.

Doug Butchy, long time band director and musician, writes about playing expressively and exciting his students to play well.  In this article he writes about stepping back and allowing his students to make “appropriate” musical choices.

Mark T. Burke, CEO presents eLearning Will Save The Band posted at viaAcademies, Music Education News and Information.

Mark writes about the shift to e-learning as it relates to music students. “Will eLearning save the band rather than hurt it?  It’s up to each and every teacher, band director, parent and student.  We must innovate together, share ideas, discuss solutions and move forward.”

Bonnie Brown presents Dr. Robert Marzano, ICE Conference 2010 posted at Music, Teaching, Learning, and Life.

Bonnie writes, “This post outlines the keynote address of Dr. Robert Marzano at the Illinois Computing Educator’s Conference on 2-26-10.” This post contains a lot of useful “gems” with regard using technology in the classroom.

Barbara Freedman presents Hearing Loss, EQ and The Mix posted at MusicEdTech: Teach music. The technology will follow.

Barbara writes, “How has volume impacted hearing loss the quality of the mix in today’s music.” A quick post about her thoughts on listening to how her students “listen” to music.

Theresa White presents The Week Before Break posted at Education in Music.

Theresa writes about her music class creating a BINGO-type game where she incorporated using MP3s and GarageBand.

Dr. Joseph Pisano presents Two-Track Recording Session From NJMEA-TI-ME Conference -The Definitive Collection posted atMusTech.Net

Joseph posts about one of his recent sessions at NJMEA and TI-ME during the 2010 conferences.  This post includes links to the session hand-outs, podcast, and PowerPoint of the clinic.

Music Tips:

Andy Zweibel presents Organization Tips for Music Education Majors posted at MusicEdMajor.net,

Andy writes, “These are some tips on how to manage your life as a “juggler” while getting your degree. All tips also are valid for current educators!” Andy is doing great things with music technology as an undergraduate!

Matt Fonda presents Why Does My Drumset Sound Like Foo-Joo Burgers? posted at Matt Fonda Personal Development.

Matt writes a post about Drumhead Selection, Properly Seating New Drumheads, Tuning Your Drumset with Existing or New Heads and Recording Your Drums.

Katie Wardrobe presents 11 of the Best Free Sheet Music Sites posted at musictechtips.

Kaite posts links and descriptions to the top Best Free Sheet Music Sites. -The best thing… its current!

Music Pedagogy:

Natalie Wickham presents Re-igniting Enthusiasm! posted at Music Matters Blog.

Natalie writes, “It’s easy to let the mid-winter blues set in this time of year. In the first of this 5-post series on Re-igniting Enthusiasm”.  Natalie shares how she finds hope, creativity, energy, and enthusiasm in the face of busyness and discontentment.”

Wendy Stevens presents Teaching Form to Composition Students posted at ComposeCreate.com

Wendy writes,  “This is just one in a series of questions asked by music teachers about how to teach composition to music students.” Included in the article are links to other questions and answers about teaching composition.

Travis J. Weller presents Small Ensembles and the Chamber of Doom? posted at Composing Like Mad.

Travis presents a compelling article about non-traditional ensembles existing with traditional ensembles.  “I definitely think the educational climate has changed, and the impact upon our scheduling and ability to retain students in our programs is a challenge – it is constant work with our administration and guidance councilors, a lot of advocacy to parents, and good, sensible PR with the students.  That being said, I think educators are starting to look at their large ensembles differently, with an eye and ear (appropriately) towards how they can continue to make their elective ensemble a viable and interesting offering among the school curriculum.”

Janice Tuck presents Neuroscientist Urges Us To Keep Music in Schools. posted at The Music Teachers Blog.

Janice writes about a video where the director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern states: “Music training is not only beneficial for processing music stimuli. We’ve found that years of music training may also improve how sounds are processed for language and emotion.” Included in the post is the embedded video.

Jon Meredith presents Free interactive Voice/Theory podcast posted at Mr. Meredith’s Music Blog.

Jon writes,”These skills help the choral singer read music by identifying patterns visually and aurally.” Included is a lesson plan complete with graphics, audio, and assessment.

Photoblog presents Lessons Archive: Free Classical Guitar Lessons, Tips, and Advice | Classical Guitar Canada posted at Classical Guitar Canada, saying, “Classical Guitar Canada’s free lesson archive.”

Brandt Schneider presents Curriculum posted at Things To Come.

Brandt writes a quick post about his thought on what a typical high-school graduate should be able to do with regard to music.


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