Recently, I’ve been working with data-mining as it relates to Twitter.  I’ve been experimenting with how to best keep archives of Tweets alive and searchable for future uses -this post is related to that effort. 

I’ve pulled the complete list of Twitter Tweets that used the #Hashtag #TIME10 and placed them into HTML format as a Webpage.  Other than formatting the Tweets for publication as HTML, nothing has been changed or removed. 

The entire HTML format of the 2010 TI:ME Tweet Archive is delimited so that you may easily “select all” on this page and paste it into a program like Microsoft Excel.   Once the archive is placed into a spreadsheet-type-of-program you can do all sorts of useful things with it.

The link to the Archive is here:
TI:ME 2010 Tweet Archive and Timeline

I hope many of you will find it useful.


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