Music Educators To Follow On Twitter:

Updated: 1/30/2010

This list is an important list.  This is a reviewed list of interesting and useful MUSIC EDUCATORS to follow on TWITTER.  This list was created so that a legitimate list of music educators who implement Twitter could be catalogued and easily found by those looking to “add topic specific” people to follow using the Twitter medium.   The majority of this list is compiled of actual Music Educators, Music Professors, and Musicians that are sharing their teaching knowledge through the use of TWITTER.

If you know of any educator or musician that posts frequently via Twitter about music education related topics please let me know by sending me a tweet at @pisanojm (   Please make sure that you check out the criteria for being included on this list first:

(Looking for the Official Twitter List Link?  It’s at the end of the post)

1. Joseph Pisano @pisanojm
2. Carol Broos @musictechie
3. Jason Heath @jasonheath
4. Alex Ruthmann @alexruthmann
5. Brenda Muench @bmuench
6. James Frankel @jimfrankel
7. Ken Pendergrass @mystro2b
8. Andy Zweibel @Zweibz7
9. William Bauer @wbauer
10. SoundTree @soundtree
11. MENC @menc
12. Heather Caserta @HeatherCaserta
13. Thomas J. West @thomasjwest
14. Janice Tuck @funmusicco
15. Chad Criswell @musicedmagic
16. Wendy Stevens @composecreate
17. Doug Butchy @dougbutchy
18. Keith Mason @keithmason
19. Katie Wardrobe @katiesw1
20. Chris Foley @chrisfoley
21. Andrew Williamson @Willie42
22. Rachel Velarde
23. Will Kuhn
24. Barbara Freedman
25. Sarah Giordano
26. Yoon Soo Lim

Ones to Watch! -Meeting the criteria very soon:
Amy Willis –
Scott Watson –
Robin Hodson –
Amy Bennett-

Find all of these people on my Official Twitter list and follow them all at once:


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