I am officially announcing the rebirth of the Music Education Blog Carnival with this post!  The last published edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival was published on May 1st 2009.   While it was my intent to continue this non-stop into the foreseeable future, a number of problems arose with my ability to juggle some of the logistics involved with keeping it viable and consequently there was a pause in the carnival.  

That being stated, I have contacted a few music education bloggers to help me keep this valuable resource available and functioning.   I will be posting more about the re-vamp in a future post at https://mustech.net this month.   

In the meantime, here is the brief synopsis of the short-term plans with the Music Education Blog Carnival:

1. The Music Education Blog Carnival is NOW ACCEPTING music educatoin and music related submissions for the March 2010 edition!  Find out more information about the carnival at the end of this post…

To Submit your article or post for the next Music Education Blog Carnival today -Click this link! 

2. I will be hosting the March blog carnival right here on MusTech.Net.

3. There will be three Music Education Blog Carnivals (March, April, and May) to take us to the end of this school-year.  Based upon issues we had last year trying to keep the carnival viable over the summer, the carnival will not have an edition in June, July, or August of 2010.   It will be back on Sept. 1st, 2010 -pending interest from the community.

You may be asking:

What is a Blog Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is way to extend and/or create a community of bloggers (and readers) that have great things to say about a particular topic… in our case, Music Education.  A Blog Carnival functions as a mini-magazine or an online journal that is focused around a particular topic and is
created by experts in the online community that submit their entries for inclusion.

All entries are reviewed, each month, by the host to make sure that they are well-written, timely, topic-related, and of interest to the Blog Carnival’s readership.

Who is allowed to participate in the Music Education Carnival?

Anyone that has an online article or post, new or old, that has something positive to contribute to the topic of Music Education. Again, anyone may submit topic-related articles to the carnival; however, not all submissions may be included in the monthly edition.

How do I submit my article/blog post?

The online process is actually very easy. The Blog Carnival is being organized by http://blogcarnival.comand you can find the direct Music Education Submittal Page right here:

The carnival host has authority over what is selected for posting.  There are a number of reasons that a post may not be included in an edition.  Please make sure that your submission is topic related, accurate, well-written, and free from typographical errors.

When can I submit my article/post?

Anytime. You may submit your blog article for inclusion here.

Please feel free to part of our Music Education Blog Carnival in any number of ways: as a contributor, as a reader, as a host, or as an advocate.   The carnival has provided a great deal of articles that are immediately useful to anyone in the music education profession or practicing musicians.  It is a worthwhile endeavor and worthy of sharing.

Find out more about the Music Education Blog Carnival by visiting this link or by the direct link: https://mustech.net/muscarn

I hope that this will be a very successful re-emergence and that many of the readers of MusTech.Net will be participants as writers or readers!


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