One of my friends posted a question on Facebook about Dominic, the Christmas Donkey, so I decided to see what I could discover about the etiology of our revered old friend… The truth is that the internet is quite vacuous when concerning information about dear-old Dominic as will be seen in this article.

With that introduction, here is my quasi-researched inexactitude of the legend and story behind Dominic (complete with apocryphal footnotes for dissimulation):

Dominic was actually a super-distant cousin to Nestor the donkey, who was, of course, the other “Christmas Donkey” [1], and the “god-donkey” of Spieltoe the donkey [2] (both relations certainly outline the pedigree and eligibility for Dominic’s much deserved title, the “Christmas Donkey”).

Additionally, he was the great, great, grand-donkey of good-ole “Number 7” [3], -another fine donkey (which, “of course – of course”, explains Dominic’s perfect answer to his job interviewers, the Budweiser horses, at a later date!).

In the end, Dominic’s greatest dream (after that of being the Christmas Donkey) was finally realized when he passed muster in his interview (an interview of a different color, indeed) to become the “most famous donkey of all.” He became what he always dreamed of becoming and proved to the world that not only was he, as Lou Monte [4] put it, the “cutest little donkey,” but also that he really knew how to “pull” [5] for another, more earthly, type of “king”… and that my friends, “says it all!” [6]

The culmination of this story and his final epic moments were chronicled and immortalized in video and available, now, for all to see:


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I don’t get it this at all, can you please help me understand this brilliant article?
(Spoilers -The Etiological Inexactitude detailed – highlight the area below by selecting it with your mouse)
First of all, this was a complete spoof that was quite fun to make (an inexactitude).  Key points of “based-on” fiction in this particular story: 

 1. Nestor the donkey was was created by Rankin-Bass as a Christmas “stop motion” special in 1977.  Nestor was the donkey that Mary rides into Bethlehem.
2. Spieltoe was the donkey that narrated the “Nestor” special and was one of Santa’s donkeys.
3. Nestor’s and Spieldtoe’s true positions within Christmas literature and their “relationship” to Dominic give him the right to be called a “Christmas Donkey.”
4. “Number 7” was the donkey in “Grizzly Adams” that “hee-hawed” loudly all the time; thus, Nestor’s “answer” in the Budweiser commercial could be justified and expected.
5. “of course-of course” is a reference to another equine, Mr. Ed.
6. “The most famous donkey of all,” is a play on the “most famous reindeer of all,” Rudolph, another 4-legged animal that was undervalued at his start.
7. “An interview of a different color” –> “a horse of a different color”
8. Lou Monte, is the singer that made the Christmas Donkey song famous.
9. “Pull for another” is a connection to the Budweiser Clydesdales.
10. “More earthly type of king” is a reference to Budweiser the “King of Beers”.
12. “Says it all” is another reference to an older Budweiser slogan, “When you say Budweiser, you’ve said it all!”
12.  Why did I spend time on this “ridonkulous” fiction?  Why not?
13. Don’t you have better things to do?  Yep. (“Take a read” of the 1200+ articles on MusTech.Net and stay-tuned for the 1000s, in my head, not written yet)
14. Are you mad?  Not yet.

15. Were there any other super-crafty connections to anything else in this story, equine or otherwise?  Maybe something to be “REVERE-ed”… 

Really, there is no more below here….


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