The Weekly Twitter from Dr. Pisano:

Save $1500 and watch some pop stars at home… they’re only lip-syncing in concert…Australia outraged -rightfully so.

If you are a k-12 teacher that uses the magazine in-tune monthly frequently in class @pisanojm ASAP

Psycho Acoustic Simulation? Not! New Technique of “re-recording” the Beatles and selling them banned plus damages :

From MusTech.Net: Dr. Pisano and the Tweet Weekly: this week

An “oldy” but a “goody” » Should We Utilize Technology in the Music Classroom…

Found a great online virtual piano keyboard here: Check it out…multiple sounds, chords, and drum beats…

Check Flu Trends in the united States or anywhere else here:

Today is election day in the U.S. -Don’t forget to vote today!

The Monday Morning Music Mix is up (finally!) at -Find it direct here: Enjoy!

Have you all seen FENCES yet? A Killer PC Free Desktop Manager- It will be on in a future post



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