Twilist Music Educators Page

*Twillist Music Educator's Page

I’ve updated the list of Music Educators using Twitter.  In today’s fast moving-and-information-overload society it is very difficult to know who is doing what, who is worth following for news, and where to find better information about things… 

Twitter is an amazing service that allows you to to keep abreast of the latest news and information at the fasted speed currently possible (and considering how fast everything moves nowadays -this is really a Herculean feat).

To find the latest Music Education Twitter List updates please visit and bookmark this page on MusTech.Net:

I’ve added a Music Education list on the above page to help folks easily keep track, share, and follow those on the Music Educator’s list.   The site features the ability to Re-Tweet, Follow, and subscribe to a cumulative RSS feed of all the Music Educators on the list (among other cool features). 



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