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*Episode 17

*Episode 17

Another stunning and entertaining episode from MusTech.Net that find Darren and Joe somehow talking about Darren pandering for money by playing his guitar outside the broadcast studio!  Somewhere in the middle Darren ends up comparing Apples to PCs and suggests that “little black helicopters” are involved in a Google/Bing Conspiracy!   

Throughout the mix is a whole bunch of great information that makes this episode one of the best!  This episode focuses on Google Wave, characteristics of teachers that might indicate that they should be looking for another career, and microphone techniques used on-air for broadcasting live ensembles.

Original Air Date: 10/17/2009 ~MP3 Podcast Version



Podcasters: Dr. Joseph M. Pisano, Mr. Darren J. Morton

Episode 17’s Show:

*A first glance at using Google Wave and what its all about

* An inside look at some traits that may make a bad teacher

*Microphone Techniques for broadcasting live musicians in a Broadcast Studio

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