On Friday, I was teaching my Music Technology class  where the students present their annual findings with regard to EASY-TO-OPERATE and USABLE Web 2.0 applications.  This assignment deals with them going through the site http://go2web20.net and sifting through hundreds of Web 2.0 applications to find ones that might be useful to them for their future career paths or as a student.

One of the great things that comes out of this process is an awareness of how many useful programs are available to them (most of them for free) –if they take the time to look!  There was one site in particular that a student found that amazed me at its usefulness and sheer utility: http://whenisgood.net.  This site is able to quickly suggest a time that “works for everybody” with little “bother”…


The basic (you don’t register) and FREE (registered) WhenIsGood accounts provide an extreme amount of functionality and you will be amazed by just how simple this “finding a good time” process is.  I know that I would have used this at least six times at the beginning of the school year (all my independent studies and seminars) if I had known it existed (Instead everybody e-mailed me their schedules and we sorted through them manually…most of my students don’t put their schedules into OUTLOOK so we couldn’t use its finding features either).

To use this application you simply highlight a number of time slots for your meeting and select people to invite to the meeting via e-mail.  They select times they are available from the slots and ultimately you are able to find a time that works for everyone (you can even filter out “non-essential” people).   In addition, you can easily sync Whenisgood.Net with most calendar applications.   Using this program is as easy as a process as I’ve ever seen.  Try it out, let me know if it works for you. 

If for some reason they don’t reply to your request to select a time slot(s)…Try putting a “Monkey” on their back!   :)

Direct link: http://whenisgood.net


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