• "College Majors HandBook",Neeta Fog, -Elementary Ed, Music/Dance, Social work, Home Economics the LOWEST paying majors http://bit.ly/3WCzVE #
  • Wolverine Marching Band at Carnegie Mellon Today…Should be fun -IF it doesn't rain! #
  • Well it's official-students must be ripping off some of my posts for school assignments as I'm getting hits from plagiarismdetect.com now… #
  • Ahh Yes….The sound of Brass Class at 8:00 a.m. -nothing like people that don't play brass bombastically brining in the morning…. #
  • Just finished putting the Sept. 5th GCC Football Game Flickr PhotoStream Up…Find it here: http://bit.ly/pL2LC #
  • Since I got a Xbox 360 I haven't played many PC computer games -here is a new freeware gamebooster if your PC is slow: http://tr.im/ydC3 #
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