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  • Great job today Wolverine Marching Band! Great Show…I'll try to post pictures soon…Don't forget the Monday Mix at http://mustech.net #
  • Visited T. Weller's Marching Band last night -great show! Getting Ready for the Marching Wolverines "Band Performance" this afternoon! #
  • TGIF…One more class, two meetings, and our First BAND-GAME (football game) on Saturday…Come to GCC and see us if you're close and free! #
  • The "dumbest generation"…"cult of the amateur"… Read about this in a very interesting Pew Study: http://bit.ly/ilRED #
  • Finished morning auditions…All the students have been pretty good so far. Decisions will be made tonight for both groups. #
  • Jazz Program Auditions Today-We have two 19-21 piece groups-both are great bands- I always feel bad that we can't take everybody trying out. #
  • Great Web 2.0 bookmark site for "boxing" Information.. http://simplybox.com/ #
  • Over 500 uniques for the one post so far today-the most ever on MusTech.Net for one post in a day-over 300 clicks to posted links…not bad. #
  • Wow, I exceeded my bandwidth at MusTech.Net..20 Gig! I've changed it to 30 Gig…Lots of people checking my latest post: http://tr.im/xB9R #
  • Working on the Monday Morning Music Mix… Remind Why I decided to do this? :) #
  • Tomorrow starts 1st classes at GCC-I've completely re-vamped Music Technology 221 in hopes to make it more interactive and discussion based. #
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