I’ve been tweeting and talking about the Zoom H4n for months now.  The more I use this device the more I’m convinced it’s the best device in its class on the market today.   I recently purchased four of theses devices for use with the Grove City College Music Department and they are in non-stop demand and getting high praise from both faculty and music majors alike.

If you are in the market for a hand-held recorder, the Zoom H4n deserves your attention and is worthy of a GOOD, HARD LOOK!   Here is the link to my article, released today, about the H4n in the latest edition of SoundTree’s SoundWaves.

Zoom H4n -The Electronic “Swiss Army Knife” for Audio Recording and More

Please feel free to discuss this device and or others in the comment section below.   If you are looking for a recommendation for buying a Zoom H4n Handheld recorder, you have mine.


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