Today’s Monday Mix:

We Fail Students by Minimizing Arts: “When totaled, the time came to 66 extra eight-hour days between August and May. With my salary supplement, this came to roughly $3.79 per hour. During the school day, I was teaching double the number of students of a regular classroom teacher and working to raise money to pay for the activities and supplies needed to run my classes. I have been a financial bargain for the public school system.”  Great op-ed from a choir director in the Georgia Public School system. She makes some very good points about the need to stop the forward momentum of removing arts from the schools.

Let’s Face the Music:Malaysia announces its plans to reduce music education in the PRIMARY school curriculum.  

Why California Must Fund Music Education: “From the rhythm of our breathing as infants and the comforting lullabies that helped us sleep, to the cacophony of song and sound that envelops our modern everyday lives, music is an essential factor in what defines us as human. Music is a messenger that carries the history and collective experience of a people across time and space. Music also helps develop our brains in a way that will increase our ability to address and solve the extraordinary challenges that lie ahead of us as a people…”

U2’s Elevation for Young Irish Musicians:”…U2 have donated [euro]5 million and the Ireland Funds a further [euro]2 million to allow a national system of music education provision, Music Education for All, to be rolled out between 2010 and 2015. This project will be run by Music Network, which since 2004 has administered similar government-funded pilot schemes in Donegal and Dublin.”

Fancy a “Cute” Master’s Degree? Try the MA in Beatles: “In September 2009, 30 students from around the world would begin a new Master of Arts Degree course in Beatles Studies, at the Liverpool Hope University in England. The full name of the programme is MA in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society. It is an academic discipline that would investigate the legacy of the Beatles music sensation, and study the social conditions from which the songs emerged”

While I may or may not agree with the contents of the articles written about in this post, all of the articles posted in the “Monday Morning Music Mix” are ones that I’ve found in some way related to music education or articles that I’ve found interesting.   Please feel free to use the comment section below as a sounding board for your thoughts from any of these articles or to let us know that you appreciated the links. 


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