• Dr. Rick Dammers joins the blogosphere with a site that reports/analyzes music education research! Welcome! http://tr.im/xtKe #
  • Band Camp Is Officially Over for the semester…Going to take a couple of days off and get ready for Classes on Monday! Lot's to do…. #
  • Using my Zoom H4next to download a live recording (mp3) I made of "Proclamation" of the GCC Band for the Band Fronts… The H4n is amazing! #
  • KissTunes.com a Web 2.0 Qwerty Music Keyboard…Create, Save, Share and EDIT VERY simple music online. #
  • GCC band did a great job with the parade at Kennywood! 1 more day of rehearsal, pictures, and a performance on Thurs… Then school starts! #
  • Rehearsal with the Wolverine Marching Band Then Parade at Kennywood today. 2-Shows learned already…. Pre-Game Tomorrow! #
  • New blog post: The Monday Morning Music Mix -Education News From Al… http://bit.ly/2v7AlH #
  • Working on the Monday Morning Music Mix…Will be posted early tomorrow-Band Camp was great today -almost of all of show one "in the bag"! #
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