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This episode starts with Joe and Darren discussing their ideas for a standardized podcast season…Let’s hope it is realized!  Darren talks about going to Crestron School and the importance of making technology appear seamless for the end-users (Teachers or Presenters).  

Joe brings up the use of student use of technology in the classroom.  Should we allow students to have full use of technology?  Then, the talks move toward technology integration with Joe’s MIDI lab and DAW stations at Grove City College…somehow this leads to an in-depth discussion about green and blue screens in the classroom environment and how to light them…

There is plenty of more conversation in this podcast including stereo micing techniques and the Zoom H4Next portable handheld recording device… Listen to it today!

Original Air Date: 8/17/2009 ~MP3 Podcast Version

Website: https://mustech.net

Website: http://mustech.podomatic.com

Podcasters: Dr. Joseph M. Pisano, Mr. Darren J. Morton

Episode 16’s Show: 

* Mustech.net to podcast every month during the school year

* Darren goes to Crestron School

*Should we allow students to use technology in the classroom?

*Green and Blue Screens in the Classroom and virtual sets

*Darren’s new broadcast studio

*Hand Held Recorders and the Zoom H4Next

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