Today’s Monday Mix:

Rock Band game opening to indie music:  “MTV Games and Harmonix announced on Friday that they will soon be opening a Rock Band Network where independent musicians and labels can submit their songs through the XNA Creator’s Club to be included as optional downloads to players on the 360.”   This will open a whole world of revenue and exposure to indie musicians everywhere… it will be interesting to see how this plays out for the indie artists -it might be just the “thing” they need to get incredible exposure to their music.

Young listeners tune out radion in search of new music: Interesting article stating that young people aren’t using the radio to find/listen to music that they love anymore.  One reason for this is that young people state that they can’t find the local artists or artists they are interested in.   The relevance of radio is debated in this article as music can now be found just about everywhere.

Giving youth a well-rounded music education:   Interesting article about Sean Mason, a Bach2Rock music specialist, and the program at the South Ridding music school.   The program offers students of various ages the opportunity to learn how to write and record their own songs. 

Please feel free to use the comment section below as a sounding board for your thoughts from any of these articles or to let us know that you appreciated the links.

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