YouTube Amazing Music Video Series #1: GRP All-Star Big Band, Cherokee

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Cherokee..Arturo Sandoval Chuck Findley and more

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“A great line-up of Arturo Sandoval, Chuck Findley, Randy Brecker and Byron Stripling. From the GRP series… ”

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YouTube Video 1, GRP Cherokee

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The trumpet players in this video are the best in the business.    They are so tight in their playing and it is just a spectacular showing of just how amazing a trumpet player can be.   The improvisation in this clip is both awesome to witness and a tribute to how much respect each of the players have for one another.  Arturo Sandoval is nothing short of unbelievable in this recording, especially when he “skys” the last few seconds of this chart.   If you are a trumpet player that wants to be inspired or you are a teacher that wants to inspire your young jazz trumpet players…start with this clip and move on from there.

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AllMusic.Com has this to say about the album from where this clip is taken (Review by Scott Yanow):

The second of three releases by the GRP All-Star Big Band (headed by Dave Grusin) has lots of exciting moments, including “Manteca,” “Blue Train,” and a version of “Cherokee” that has tradeoffs by trumpeters Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Byron Stripling, and Chuck Findley. The band performs eight jazz standards plus Grusin’s “Blues for Howard.” Also among the highlights are the playing of Brecker and Eric Marienthal on “My Man’s Gone Now,” the teaming of clarinetist Eddie Daniels and vibraphonist Gary Burton on “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and the interplay between pianists Grusin and Russell Ferrante on “‘S Wonderful.”

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