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The Music Education Blog Carnival has been going strong for almost one year.   This coming edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival marks the 12th of the Music Education Blog Carnival project.

When I first started thinking about the concept of a Music Education Blog Carnival, I hoped that it would be something that we as “Experts in the field of Music Education” would embrace as an avenue to give back information about Music Education to the larger, “Global” community.   With well over a hundred of interesting, free to the public, and useful music education-related posts -I have to think that “we” have had some modicum of success!  One of the goals of the Music Education Blog Carnival was/is to get “both better and useful information about our field” into to the vast database of the Internet quickly so that those in the practice can find it and utilize it in a timely manner.   I am very happy to state that a growing number of people are finding our carnival and also finding our posts through search engines like Google and Yahoo.  It seems to be working!

I’ve recently updated the homepage of the Music Education Blog Carnival to reflect the current state of the carnival, the past -current -and future carnivals, and have finished my “first draft” of a Music Educational Blog Carnival Host’s Manual.   It’s my hope that this host manual will encourage others to become hosts of this carnival and in the process, “get the word” out about their websites as well.

Please feel free to part of our Music Education Blog Carnival in any number of ways: as a contributor, as a reader, as a host, or as an advocate.   The carnival has provided a great deal of articles that are immediately useful to anyone in the music education profession or practicing musicians.  It is a worthwhile endeavor and worthy of sharing.

Find out more about the Music Education Blog Carnival by visiting this link or by the direct link:

Please spread the word and visit our Music Education Blog Carnival today!

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