The Music InteractiveMy friend, Dr. Marc Jacoby, sent me an e-mail last month to let me know that he and Craig Gonci started a new music website that includes activities and games for classroom and performance-based music classes.  Their new site is visually attractive, easy to navigate, and includes a number of both “free” and “fee” based music applications.   I was very happy to see such a mix of both free (creative commons) and very reasonably priced purchasable applications.   All of the price-based applications are a very good value at either $5.00 or $10.00 U.S.

I was also very excited to see them include a blog-based discussion system that is set-up to include “Quick Tips” about their software and other music technology related topics.   One of the unique ideas behind creating their site and their software is to capitalize on the educational learning opportunities that can be gained (or created) by using this type of software in conjunction with classroom-based projection systems and interactive whiteboards.  Their goal is to create and distribute music software that can easily be integrated into existing music classrooms and established music curriculums both easily and in a meaningful way for the music students.

Here are a sample of the  software programs/applications are available at TMI:

$10.00 Music Software:

Sheddin Latin Jazz: Interactive instruction for Latin-Jazz of all levels.  Latin Percussion expert Ruben Alvarez provides the interactive instructions.

Sheddin Jazz Piano:Like the Latin Jazz Series, noted Jazz Educator, Michael Kocour provides jazz instruction for learning how to play Jazz Piano.

$5.00 Music Software:

Recorder Program: A perfect addition to your 3rd or 4th grade recorder instrumental program.  This software allows students to see fingerings as well as includes 20 songs complete with a “light up rhythm” feature”.

Rhythmic Dictation: A program that creates rhythms by selectable criteria for studying in the classroom environment.

Free Music Software:

Boom: Allows students to create a boom whacker composition virtually.

Drums around the World: Includes pictures and sounds from twenty-five different world percussion instruments.

MyJamz: Record and compose your own music in this interesting music program that arranges “monsters” into compositions.

Speed Note: Beat the clock in an effort to better read note-based music.

Staff Wars: A game that allows you to practice your music reading skills in the bass and treble clefs.

String Tuner: Software that uses real sound samples of a Viola, Violin, and Cello to play the tuning notes -G, D, A, and E.

Congratulations to Marc and Craig as they provide a great gift to music educators and students of music via this new web site.   Be sure to pass this site on to all of your musician friends and music educators… -I am sure that they will find something of value to them in this new resouce and repository of music software.

Visit TMI today at


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