Music Tech For MeKeith Mason and I had a great conversation on his show over at his great podcast site, Music Tech for Me

Music Tech For Me is a audio podcast site.  Kieth is one of the only Music Education Bloggers that is religious with regard to his posting.  You can find a new episode on the 1st and 15th of every month.  His topics are always related to music, education, and technology and I would encourage all of our readers to check it out.

Keith and I had a laid-back conversation about some of the things I’m doing and involved in with regard to music education and music technology:

  • Admissions at the College level with regard to music
  • The Grove City College Music Dept. and Ensembles
  • Being a musician that is fluent in technology
  • The new layout at
  • Keith Mason as the ultimate Music Education Podcaster
  • A couple of non-music website that I visit and like
  • The MusTech.Net Podcast

Here are links to site that I talked about on Keith’s podcast show:

  1. TechCrunch
  3. Jim Frankel’s Music Technology in Education

Check out Keith’s Site today and/or join his iTune show and join mine as well! Check my sidebar for a quick link to our FREE iTunes listing! Also, don’t miss our latest MusTech.Net podcast:


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