Pirate Facebook

My good friend Kelly told me about this “Facebook Secret” and I have to admit it’s hilarious AND I’m going to share it with you (in case you haven’t found it yet)…  Facebook has allowed a BETA language called English (Pirate) and it changes quite a bit of the Facebook text from standard English to Pirate “lingo”. 

Here are a few of the gems:

  • What be troublin’ ye?
  • Make yer mark
  • This be pleasin’ to me eye
  • 4 scallywags be enjoyin’ this
  • 1 grog fest sighted from the Crow’s Nest
  • Mates Y’might Know
  • Shinin’ treasures
  • Stash belowdecks
  • Thar be more

Here’s the “how to”:

Step 1:

First scroll all of the way down to the bottom of yer “Home Port”.
Find the “Facebook (c) 2009   English (US)”  link at the bottom, lower-left corner:


Click it!

Step 2:

Select English (Pirate) Beta from the popup list and click OKAY!

That’s it!  Now ye be a Facebook pirate, Arghh!

Hope you have fun with it… I did.


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