The Ultimate Free Open-Source Collaborative Video, Desktop, Conference Tool: DimDim

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Wow!  I am beyond impressed with this online collaboration tool.  I’m also equally bewildered that I’ve not come across it before since it’s been out since 2007!!!   I intend to write a full review of it later this month…

In the meantime, haul-it over to to “check it out”.  It certainly is a contender to replace “big-time” web meeting software products like WebEx or Blackboard…and is a quite a bit less expensive!

Quick Rundown of DimDim Features:

Share: PowerPoints, PDFs, your desktop…
See and Hear Everything: A video/audio conference environment…
Follow Along on the Web: Open and see web pages and flash environments in the meeting (including YouTube videos, and other media types)
Integration with Outlook and other calendars…
Multi-User Integration: controlled or uncontrolled annotations

…and it’s totally FREE for up to 20 people!  I would love to know if any of you are using it.   I will review it further in a future post.

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