The New Site: MusTech.Net 4.0!

After about one month of fussing with the site, I can now state that the changeover of MusTech.Net is complete.  I am very happy with how it turned out and thankful to Michael at for providing such an amazing set of code to work with as a theme!  His efforts and talent is amazing.   Over the summer, I may very well upgrade to one of his premium WordPress themes.

One of the first things you will notice about the new site is that I have changed it into a “magazine/journal” style site.  This enables me to feature and highlight specific articles as well as perform the standard blog chronologies. 

In addition, there are now drop down menus from the top that enable me to post many of my “lab” projects.  On the old site space was very limited and precious.  There is so much more space now to work with at MusTech.Net thanks to the redesign.

I was also able to make the PRINT and EMAIL functions work again with this theme.  I know a number of you had indicated to me that they were not working on my old site -this is no longer the case with the new site.

I am going to go back through my hundreds of post and re-categorize a number of the posts.  In my early days as a blogger, I had too many categories and I am now going to narrow these down.  At the same time, I intend to remove some of the no longer functioning “tag inserts” that are numerous on my posts of 2006. 

As always, I have attempted to minimize the amount of the encroachment of the ads on MusTech.Net.  I am in the process of renegotiating a number of ads for the site, so if you are interested in advertising on my site (hundreds of unique hits and RSS retrievals a day!) please let me know.   Because the site is so active, I have a number of costs associated with it.  The simple “shared host” solution for MusTech.Net is not an option for us.  Please consider visiting some of our sponsors.

In the end, I hope you will find this site useful and educational.  Please drop me a line or comment at MusTech.Net  if you are finding my site helpful or useful in any way.



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