I have a secret that is no longer going to be so after this post.  If you are a PC user, your desktop administration life is about to get wayyyyy easier.  For over two years I’ve been using a program that literally allows me to forget about where and when I put all of my files on my computer -even what I named them!  It’s called Copernic Desktop Search, it’s a dream, and it’s one of the flagship software programs found at Copernic.com:

Copernic Desktop Search

Quite frankly, it’s amazing.  I’ve tried a number of “desktop search” engines over the years and honestly –NOTHING compares to the power and simplicity of the Copernic Desktop Search Engine.  Did I say NOTHINGYes, it’s true…
NOTHING I’ve found, whether freeware, open-source, payware, or otherwise, compares to the power of file management and search capabilities that this piece of software provides me.

Here’s the best thing about it.. It’s free for Home and Non-Commercial use.   Although the free version is a somewhat tamer version of the professional (@ $49.95 U.S. ) it is nonetheless amazing and there are not any nag screens or lack of useful features.

Copernic’s interface is totally useful, and easily allows you to find all of the files you work with on a daily basis: Word, Excel, Docs, PowerPoints, PDFs, HTML, Word Perfect, Text Files, Zip Files, music, videos, pictures, etc.  In addition, it will locate email attachments as well as index the words of all of your email (and all other supported file types) on your computer if you use Outlook, Express, Eudora or any of the Mozilla clients.

The instant preview feature is extremely useful and well integrated as it shows you the complete text of a document when it return the list and you cursor over your selection.   I am not joking when I say I use this program EVERY day and when you are a music director and administrator like me -you generate hundreds and thousands of files every year.  At only $49.95 US for the main version, I also HIGHLY reccomend it to everyone that has a business or commercial use for it as well.  It has extremely powerful and useful networking capabilities in the pay versions that may very well make your business life and operations more efficient…which means a better bottom-line!

CopernicDesktop Search will literally index your entire drive or parts that you select and does this in the background so that it doesn’t consume any of your computer’s processing power when you are working with other programs.  As far as the “ease-of-use factor”; I give it a 10.  The advanced features are a little harder to operate, but that’s why their called ADVANCED FEATURES.   It doesn’t take much time to learn how to make it work even better through the use of the advanced functions.

Give yourself a break, and download this program today because it will literally change your computing life for the better as minutes and hours are knocked off of the time you spend trying find files.  For instance, no-doubt you’ve tried to find that one document that you forgot both the “name of” and “where” you saved it but remember a “key phrase” of the text contained within the document; Copernic will find that “key phrase” by performing a context search and almost instantly return the correct result and save you the frustration that seems to be universal and comes with trying to find “lost” files. 

I’m sure a number of you are “sold” on other desktop search engines, probably most abundant is the Google Desktop Search program.  Although I’m a HUGE Google fan, I can without question state that the Copernic Desktop Search Engine is better -much better.   

I’ve found the Google Desktop Search Engine clunky and not nearly as user-friendly as Google’s own Internet search engine.   Likewise, the Microsoft computer search engine, and even the new Vista desktop search engine are well… lame in comparison, yet… still useful if you don’t have any other desktop search product on your PC…not yet if you’re reading this!  If you’ve come to rely on the Microsoft built-in search features for your desktop search and retrieval means…it’s definitely time to start using this product.

I don’t know of any comparable MAC products that are its equal at the price-point (free).   If you are a MAC user and can recommend one, I’d love to hear from you and what you are using beyond the built-in functionality of the operating system.

I’m going to be posting more desktop and administration applications throughout this year.  A HUGE part of running a Music Department and/or an ensemble is the administration of the program… the more efficient and faster we are able to accomplish the day-to-day administration tasks, the more time we have for the MUSIC!  Stay tuned…  Why not subscribe to our RSS FEED today and know instantly when a new post is posted on MusTech.Net?

Find the Copernic Desktop Search download page direct here:

Here’s to Happy Searches!

       Dr. Joseph M. Pisano
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