I was alerted to a number of broken links on my site via a really cool WordPress plugin called broken link checker, and I saw that a number of my SoundTree links were coming up broken.  So I went to their site and low-and-behold, a new look and some internal site moving (complete with changed URLs)!   I didn’t have time to go through the site thoroughly but it looks great!  

In particular, I like the fading graphics on the front page and the very simple, but effective navigation structure that is currently implemented.  Their Music Education zone has changed and quite possibly expanded, either way it is way more easy to naviagate and full of useful information. 

Here are a couple of quick links to SoundTree resources that you may find very useful:

Music Education Lesson Plans:

Music Technology/Ed. Articles:

James Frankel has done a great job with SoundTree and has moved them forward in all the right directions since his taking over the reins there.  If you are looking for a complete MIDI/Music Education/Music Lab solution for your school, you should make SoundTree your first stop.


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