Well, I haven’t been able to keep up with MusTech.Net this semester as much as I would like. I’m hoping my schedule will clear a little so that I can write about some of the many cool things that I’m working on both with faculty and colleagues and my students in the VERY near future.

I wanted to take a few seconds to write about a couple of things that are going on this month.  First, the Music Education Blog Carnival is being hosted by Discover, Learn, Play this month at http://discoverlearnplay.blogspot.com/. Make sure you that you participate this month in the Music Education Blog Carnival as I’m sure it will be a good one!  You can find out more information about the Blog Carnival here: https://mustech.net/muscarn. Also, if you would like to host a music education carnival, please let me know.

As many of you know, I am a huge WordPress fan. I’m thinking about hosting a WordPress Camp this summer in the Pittsburgh area. I know it would be of great benefit to the many educators, students, and business folks in our area.  I just finished a new WordPress site for our Borough Council (Yes guys, this one was Pro bono!). It is unbelievable how easy it is to turn WordPress into a content management system and the ease of the back end (how you write posts and pages) is so simple to use that you can show people how to maintain and change content in less than an hour. There is no easier way to go about putting together a Web site than WordPress.  I’ve quit using all other software to make Web pages now and I only use WordPress now…  This from Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Net Objects, and HTML!!!

You can check out the site here: http://grovecityonline.com

I’m still looking for the brilliant, the bold, the musical, to become the last folks in our quest for 100 Music Education Bloggers. If you are interested please visit or Music Education Blogger page, and contact me here. If you’ve submitted a contact in the last couple weeks, I’ve yet to get to them, I will though -it’s next on my list of mustech.net things to do!  If you’re worried I didn’t get your submission, please re-submit.

If you want to see a totally cool Christmas Flash Animation, I still contend that this one is the best!:

If you know of any flash Christmas animations better than this (or on par), let me know in the comment section below!

Here’s to a great Thanksgiving to all of you!

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