Humanities and History Profs. and Teachers, if you’re teaching a segment on Rome, prepare to have one of the COOLEST editions to your arsenal of worn out slides, standard power point presentations, faded book pictures, and dusty chalkboard outlines… Google Earth now has completely rebuilt Rome in a navigable, downloadable, and freely available sketchup for the Google Earth client (You can run this without being connected to the Internet). 

At each historic site, there are pop-ups with loads of information about each building.  Quite frankly, any teacher to incorporate this into their classes will, not doubt, be at the very forefront of technology and course integration.  No, it’s not the end all, but it sure is an INCREDIBLE resource that NEVER was available anywhere before.  There is currently a curriculum Competition going on for educators, I encourage any qualified educators to jump on this opportunity.  Here is the Education Curriculum Competition link.

View this amazing resource as a video:

        Find it here on Google, and download Google Earth for Free.


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