Here is an article/post for all of the WordPress users that utilize the open-source software found at  These particular plugins are directly related to music and particularly useful for musicians, whether players, composers, or educators.

The following is a list of current, useful, and hand-picked plugins that I’ve worked with at some point that allow for musicians to begin using their WordPress sites better, more efficiently, and more importantly- what they are looking for in a music specific WordPress Site (see my article about WordPress as a Music CMS):


GigPress– A great plugin that allows musicians to let folks know about their upcoming concert schedules, playing venues, and even ticketing information.   I use this on my site, MusTech.netin the sidebar.  Gigpress is an easy way for bands to list and manage tour dates on their WordPress-powered website.

Gig Calender– This plugin is geared toward bands and musicians to manage and display a calendar of their gigs within WordPress. It’s meant to be as easy as possible for both the musician and the fan. It even manages venue data complete with mapping and ticket links.

Events Calendar– Events-Calendar is a diverse replacement for the original calendar included with WordPress adding many useful functions to keep track of your events. The plugin has an easy to use admin section that displays a big readable calendar and lets you add and delete events. The plugin is widget ready so you can easily add a small calendar to the main sidebar with the ability to roll over the highlighted event day to see a brief description of the event or click the day to get a full description of the event without ever leaving your current page. If you are not using a widget ready theme, you can still have the calendar on your sidebar. 

Organizing Music:

DiscographyMusicians need a way to easily organize information about their music. This plugin exists to do just that. It lets you publish a list of albums and auto-generates a WordPress page for each song, so that fans can comment, save links to your songs and share them with friends.


PodPress PodPress adds tons of features designed to make WordPress the ideal platform for hosting a podcast.  This is what almost all users use to integrate Podcasting into WordPress sites.  A very useful alternative to PodPress is:

Podcasting–  Created for the Google Summer of Code 2007, Podcasting brings complete podcasting support to WordPress. Taking advantage of the latest and greatest in WordPress 2.5, WordPress podcasting has never been so easy.

Media Players:

Inline Mp3 PlayerInline mp3 player replacing any link directly to a mp3 file, such as ‘’ into a special link. Clicking it will turn the link into a small media player with a html slider interface. It works simple, click the link the music starts playing.

Embedded Video– The plugin is made for easily embedding videos into a blog post. The videos can be integrated from external portals (like YouTube, Google Video and many many others) or they can be uploaded to the web server or a remote server and integrated as well. Additionally a corresponding link to the video on the particular video portal page or a download link to the local file can be generated automatically, if demanded.

Music Notation:

ScoreRendererA WordPress plugin that renders inline sheet music fragments inside posts and comments into images. It supports ABC, GUIDO, Lilypond and Mup music notations.

Internet Radio:

fmTuner–  fmTuner pulls track information from your account, including recent tracks, loved tracks, and top tracks. Using the built-in options and simple tags, you can fully customize how tracks appear on your site.

PandoraFeeds– This plugin allows you to place the output of pandora’s ( rss-feeds freely anywhere in your wordpress-theme.

LastFM for Artists– This plugin adds a widget to list your upcoming shows from Last.FM on your WordPress blog (using the new 2.0 REST API), with full customization of the displayed html.

Photo Op. Plugins:

NextGen GalleryGreat photo gallery integration.  This is one of the best stand-alone integrations of a photo gallery plugin for WordPress.

Flickr Photo Album– This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site. There is a pretty simple template provided which you can customize to 100% match the look and feel of your own site.

kPicasa Gallery– This plugin displays your Picasa Web Galleries in a post or in a page simply by creating a post or a page with a special keyword. All the images are kept on the Picasa Web Gallery server.

Sharing and Social Bookmarking:

ShareThisThe ShareThis WordPress plugin provides a quick, simple to use, and unobtrusive way for users to add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or to send your post link via email, AIM, Facebook, MySpace and more.

Add To Any Subscribe Button– Lets readers subscribe to your blog using any feed reader, such as Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Netvibes, Pageflakes, and all the rest. The button comes with Add to Any’s customizable Smart Menu, which places the services visitors use at the top of the menu, based on each visitor’s browsing history.

Subscribe2– Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.

MailPress– Allows you to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails based on dedicated themes and templates.

Please let me know if you find this useful or have more useful musician related WordPress plugins to add.


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